SATIPS: the Society for support and training in Prep, Primary and Senior Schools was founded over 60 years ago to provide the best possible training in Prep Schools. It is a Society run by teachers for teachers. SATIPS is a member based professional support body for teachers, schools and teaching assistants in independent schools in the UK and worldwide.

SATIPS is dedicated to providing information on best practice directly to our members, delivering the best personal development courses and commissioning research to provide detailed information on how teaching can become even better.

SATIPS Membership

SATIPS is consistently looking to provide added benefits for our member schools. We know that our Training Courses are heavily subscribed and provide excellent value for all attendees. ‘Broadsheet’, produced three times every year, and sent direct to schools, continues to offer invaluable information and guidance for subject specialists.

However we are aware that many Senior Leaders in schools are so busy that they rarely have the time or opportunities to research and source the most appropriate suppliers for the many and varied services that their schools require.

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Preferred Suppliers

To assist our member schools, SATIPS has established a group of  ‘Preferred Suppliers’. These are companies and organisations that offer high quality services and which have pledged to offer their very best prices to member schools, more favourable than available to any other schools. They have been fully reviewed by SATIPS and can be confidently recommended. In essence SATIPS has removed the need for senior members of schools to search for potential suppliers for SATIPS has fulfilled that requirement.

To benefit from being members of SATIPS, schools must provide their SATIPS membership number when making contact with any ’Preferred Supplier’.

Full details of the ‘Preferred Suppliers’ are included in the specific link in our website.  We do hope that our members schools will take advantage of the considerable benefits that are available from the arrangements that we have made on your behalf and which are not available to non-member schools.

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What we do

We aim to support our members as they strive to provide quite exceptional teaching - UK and worldwide - whether in the private or public sector.

We produce regular subject broadsheets which are a superb, practical resource for schools.

We run a wide range of conferences and practical inset courses which are cost effective for schools and superbly practical.

The programme is developed in line with current developments in the education world and with reference to school demand.

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