SATIPS is a society run by teachers for teachers. Founded over 60 years ago, SATIPS is a member-based professional support body for teachers and teaching assistants in independent schools across the UK and worldwide.

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At SATIPS we are dedicated to providing the best possible training and information on best practice directly to our members. We deliver personal development courses, commission research to provide detailed information on how to improve teaching, offer resources for teachers and schools and provide valuable networking opportunities.

SATIPS is all about bringing the teaching community together, providing a forum for teachers and teaching assistants to share knowledge and ideas and take advantage of the range of resources we provide. Benefits include access to preferred suppliers, competitions, webinars and conferences and more. Contact us today to join or to find out what you can get from your membership.

Why you should join SATIPS

SATIPS offers a range of benefits, including the following:-

  • Training - SATIPS delivers a range of training via online webinars. These cover a variety of subjects and are delivered by experts in their fields, offering time and cost-effective training for staff at all levels.
  • Preferred suppliers - SATIPS’ Preferred Suppliers initiative gives member schools access to a range of suppliers that have been fully researched and reviewed by SATIPS and have pledged to offer their very best prices to members.
  • Prep School Magazine - SATIPS produces the popular Prep School Magazine, which is published three times a year and contains articles and comment on best practice taking place in over 1,500 modern UK prep and independent junior schools.
  • Broadsheets - SATIPS members have access to more than 20 termly subject-specific broadsheets in paper and electronic formats, helping to share best practice and support teacher CPD.
  • Competitions - SATIPS runs several competitions throughout the school year for member schools, encouraging them to showcase their pupils in everything from handwriting to skiing and art.
  • Access to the SATIPS community - SATIPS is always working to provide an inclusive, diverse community and to support and share both knowledge and best practice.