SATIPS is consistently looking to provide added benefits for our member schools. We know that our Training Courses are heavily subscribed and provide excellent value for all attendees. ‘Broadsheet’, produced three times every year, and sent direct to schools, continues to offer invaluable information and guidance for subject specialists.

However we are aware that many Senior Leaders in schools are so busy that they rarely have the time or opportunities to research and source the most appropriate suppliers for the many and varied services that their schools require.

Preferred Suppliers

Accordingly, to assist our member schools, SATIPS is establishing a group of what we are terming as ‘Preferred Suppliers’. These are companies and organisations that offer high quality services and which have pledged to offer their very best prices to member schools, more favourable that available to other schools. They have been fully reviewed by SATIPS and can be confidently recommended. In essence SATIPS has removed the need for senior members of schools to search for potential suppliers for SATIPS has fulfilled that requirement.

Discussions are continuing with a number of potential suppliers. However we are pleased to inform you of three companies that can be immediately recommended by SATIPS as ‘Preferred Suppliers’.

To benefit from being members of SATIPS, schools must provide their SATIPS membership number when making contact with any ’Preferred Supplier’.

Over the coming months we will notify you of more companies and organisations that are designated by SATIPS as being ‘Preferred Suppliers’ However we do hope that you, as our members, will take advantage of the considerable benefits that are available from the arrangements that we have made on your behalf and which are not available to non-member schools.


(Continuous Advancement Programme) promotes and rewards excellence in Housekeeping (Cleaning) and Catering services within schools. The programme quite simply steers the development of housekeeping and catering services for the betterment of the service users.

The CAP Award recognises the real ‘front line’ operational service delivery, i.e. the cleanliness of the premises, the meal experience for the user group and the evidence on service delivery, etc. The CAP Award provides a ‘scored’ measure of the department’s actual performance against recognised standards of service delivery, operational industry ‘best practices’, regulatory compliances and legal obligations. The programme then supports the development of the service over the following twelve months. Further information on the benefits of the programme are included on the CAP Award website.

The CAP Award’s nominated representative is:
Ian Jackson
01858 540200


are a company that specialises in telecoms. They review systems and seek to make significant savings based on existing use. They can recommend potential improvements and can devise new systems using the latest technology and devises. They also provide assistance to ‘futureproof’ systems and connectivity.

The ATS representative who will work with member schools of SATIPS is:
Mark Trafford
0330 053 5533


are arguably the leading educational book supplier with more than 800,000 titles in stock. There is no minimum order requirement and they can provide same day dispatch/next day delivery for all orders placed prior to 4.00pm on a working day.

Browns have established a dedicated Account Representative for SATIPS member schools:
Hayley Williams
01482 384660