Art Exhibition

Welcome to the SATIPS virtual Art Exhibition in association with Cheltenham College Preparatory School. This exhibition is usually held ‘in real life’ but this year we have moved it to a virtual exhibition.

Take a look through some of the great submissions by SATIPS member schools and don’t forget to share where you can so as many people as possible get to see all the fantastic entries from pupils around the country.


Cheltenham Prep is a prep school for girls and boys aged 3-13. Located at the heart of Cheltenham, surrounded by the green hills of the Cotswolds, The Prep is the perfect first chapter for your child’s education. Children at The Prep have great fun and the chance to try new things every single day. Whether it is on the stage, in the choir, the classroom on the sports pitches or beyond, everyone has the opportunity to try everything and to discover something that they love.

We were keen to support the SATIPs Art Exhibition in 2021 to help support children across the country to discover their creative talent and share it with the world. Thank you to everyone that has helped to make this SATIPs event a reality. We hope that you enjoy taking part and viewing the exhibited artworks. Prep School life should be an adventure, and our artists’ participation in this event is another exciting tale they will have to tell their parents about on the drive home after school today.