30 November 2021
16:00 - 17:30

How to help children become skilled writers of non-fiction

SATIPS is pleased to announce a webinar on how to help children become skilled writers of non-fiction presented by Talk for Writing Deputy Director Julia Strong.


INSET Overview

The training offers an introduction in how to teach non-fiction units in English in Talk for Writing style so that the focus is on the underpinning language patterns of whichever text type is focused on. It will show how the skills needed can be built on year on year so that children can increasingly speak or write effectively in which ever text type is required because they have internalised the tune of that type of text.

INSET Outcomes

By the end of the training, delegates should have gained in understanding how to plan non-fiction units so they focus effectively on the underpinning patterns of the non-fiction text type required and build in progression.

INSET Outline

The session will be interactive. The focus will be on devising engaging language activities that build up the required language patterns before internalising short model texts that illustrate the language patterns of the different text types in action. Once the structure and patterns of the text have been analysed, the children can then build on their understanding by innovating on these patterns. By the end of the unit they should be able to independently write in a similar mode. Delegates will be provided with a PDF of the presentation prior to the event to make notes on, but will also receive an amended copy after the event so that they can see the co-constructed changes made during the presentation.
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    Julia Strong
    Former English teacher and deputy headteacher, Julia later became deputy director of the National Literacy Trust and director of the National Reading Campaign. She is now Deputy Director of Talk for Writing and is well-known as an inspiring trainer for both primary and secondary schools. She has written a wide range of best-selling books relating to literacy including these five books co-authored with Pie Corbett:
    • Talk for Writing Across the Curriculum (McGraw Hill).
    • Talk for Writing in the Early Years (McGraw Hill).
    • Jumpstart! Grammar (David Fulton).
    • Creating Storytellers and Writers (Talk for Writing).
    • Transforming learning across the curriculum (Talk for Writing).