23 November 2021
16:00 - 17:30

Key Stage One Refresher Webinar

SATIPS IS PRESENTING A Key Stage One Refresher Webinar
As children move through KeyStage One, it is important thatpractitioners promote learning thatmeets the needs and interests oftheir pupils and that they continueto be creative, independent, andeffective learners.


This session is designed to enable Year 1 and Year 2 teachers to consider the merits of supporting child-led learning and to reflect on a range of strategies that effectively guide children’s critical thinking.

INSET Details

  • A focus on ways to include opportunities for child-initiated activities in the classroom
  • Practical suggestions for developing provision and enquiry based learning
  • Examination of ways to ensure progression through Years
  • One and Two by supporting children to plan, assess and evidence their learning in increasingly sophisticated ways
COST (per delegate)

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    Nova Robinson
    Nova Robinson is a highly experienced KS1 Trainer and a member of the EEX Curriculum Team. She has taught children from YR to Y6 with roles including Deputy Head and Assistant Head holding responsibility for EYFS and KS1. Her expertise lies in developing a broad and balanced curriculum supported by an effective learning environment that enables children to acquire and apply knowledge through independent work.