26 September 2024
16:00 - 18:30

Managing Difficult Conversations with Parents

Managing Difficult Conversations with Parents

This course is practical and interactive. Teachers will leave with a clear set of strategies and interventions to help them manage challenging conversations with parents about a range of different issues.


INSET Outline:


Participants will discuss:
• How do we establish and maintain relationships with parents?
• What are some of the issues that cause challenging conversations with parents?
• Where, when, and how to manage potentially tricky conversations?
• How much should we involve the child?
• How to manage things when the parent is being unreasonable?

Practical applications
• “I wouldn’t start from here” – managing parental expectations.
• Ways to manage parental anxiety & parental concerns – reasonable and unreasonable
• Ways to deliver uncomfortable messages to parents

What about ISI and Ofsted?
• Are there any implications for OFSTED/ISI?

Parents can be tremendous assets to support their child’s education but can sometimes also be tricky to engage with.

Concerns about pupil’s behaviour, attendance, and failing grades, but also parental concerns about pupil illness, mental health (of parents, and/or pupils) and family breakdown can present families and schools with challenging conversations.

Many teachers question:
• How can we establish strong working relationships with parents and carers?
• How do we ensure the best for our pupils, if the parents won’t listen?
• How do we respond to parents who are hard to reach?
• What’s the best way to engage with parents when things start to go wrong?
• How do we support the pupil when the parent is struggling?

Booking this course will enable staff to explore issues around:
• Best practice, in terms of parental engagement.
• How to get the best outcomes for pupils.
• Ways to reduce parental frustration.
• How should we involve the child?
• Managing unreasonable parents

TARGET AUDIENCE: Proprietors, School leaders, business,managers, and teachers

Member Schools who book 3 or more delegates prior to 16 September 2024 will be charged £54.00 per delegate

Details: The webinar will be online using a platform such as Zoom or Teams and delegates will be sent a code in order to sign in. Delegates will be provided with all the materials and the powerpoint as a pdf.

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