21 November 2022
16:30 - 18:00

Mathematics Refresher

Mathematics Refresher
This INSET is designed for mathematics teachers of Years 7 and 8.

This webinar will

  • Explain what is meant by higher order skills
  • Share ideas on suitable topics and projects for Year 7 and 8 pupils
  • Discuss how these can be accessed by pupils of different abilities
  • Consider projects that are linked to environmental and cultural themes


INSET OUTLINE – developing investigative and reasoning skills

Why register? Consider these two requirements, one from ISEB and the other from the inspection criteria:

A course leading to 13+ examinations should encourage the development of investigative thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills (ISEB aims 2022)

A6 The development of pupils’ study skills, including the ability to draw upon a suitably wide range of sources and to develop higher-order skills, including the ability to analyse, hypothesise and synthesise (ISI inspection criteria)

The Webinar will be online, using a platform such as Zoom or Teams, and delegates will be sent a code in order to sign in.

Delegates will be provided with all the materials and the Powerpoint as a pdf.

Member Schools who book 3 or more delegates prior to 2 November 2022 will be charged £52.00 per delegate. Invoices in respect of bookings will not be submitted for payment until after the commencement of the Autumn Term 2022.

COST (per delegate)

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    Serena Alexander

    Serena Alexander has taught Mathematics since 1987, originally in both maintained and independent senior schools. From 1999 she taught at St Paul's School for Boys, where she was both SENCO and Head of Mathematics at their preparatory school, before moving on to Deputy Head at Newton Prep and then Headmistress at Devonshire House. Since 2011 she has worked as an independent educational consultant, leads independent schools’ inspections in the UK and overseas and runs mathematics courses for prep school teachers. She has written several maths books for Galore Park and is currently working on material for less confident mathematicians for the Maths Anxiety Trust.