The 2021 SATIPS Challenge has been postponed from original planned dates until further notice due to the current situation. Please watch the website and SATIPS social media for further updates. We hope to still run the challenge this year at a slightly later date.

An update on the 2020 SATIPS Challenge from Harry Paget and news about the 2021 Challenge

Many congratulations to all those who took part in the 2020 SATIPS Challenge; there were a number of very impressive performances from a wide range of schools. This year, the senior winner was Harry Calcraft (Westminster Under School) and the junior winner Sam Salwan (St. George’s Weybridge).

The SATIPS Challenge is a written paper taken in schools under exam conditions but marked externally. The challenge includes a wide variety of topics, offering something for everyone. Schools can use the competition to challenge their gifted and talented, giving them the opportunity to win recognition and prizes. Equally, schools can enter whole year groups to facilitate internal competitions and discover some under the radar talents.

In 2020, 31 schools entered the Senior Challenge and 49 schools entered the Junior section. This meant that more than 2,300 pupils took part overall, with the top 50 in each section receiving Amazon vouchers as prizes.

The scores on the leaderboard this year were most impressive, and shows that our schools are producing some highly impressive, well rounded individuals.

In this year’s challenge, the Junior questions included sections on; geography, books and film, sport and leisure, religion and mythology, history and politics, music and art, science as well as questions outside those areas. Senior questions were on a variety of topic areas, with answers requiring knowledge of: Little Women, Kanye West, the rules of netball, volcanic eruptions, TikTok, Michaelangelo and Oliver Cromwell.

We are hoping that the 2021 SATIPS challenge (set to take place in January 2021) can grow further and those wishing to register interest in the 2021 competition can now do so here –

Many thanks to all who took part. We look forward to next year’s challenge.

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