Prep School Magazine is about to celebrate its 100th edition.

Published by SATIPS in partnership with publishers John Catt Ltd, Prep School Magazine is published three times a year. Read by heads, bursars, governors and teaching staff in over 1500 UK independent prep schools, it is packed with articles and comment on best practice taking place in prep schools today and is a valued resource for all SATIPS members. 

The magazine started its life in 1987 under the editorship of Anne Kiggell. Anne has written about her excitement at taking the helm of a brand new magazine for the prep school world – a task she worked on for nearly a decade. She recalls the first edition including a piece from the then Secretary of State for Education, Kenneth Baker, the Chairman of the Headmasters’ Conference (senior independent schools), and an interview with Mary Archer on the refuge a boarding prep school had been for her sons while Jeffrey Archer was involved in his highly publicised court case.

The magazine went on to receive contributions from a wide range of contributors and has continued to produce excellent content that is appreciated by all who read it. Today it remains a valuable asset for SATIPS and for the teachers who read it – a tradition we hope will long continue. 

Ahead of the centenary edition of Prep School Magazine, which comes after a particularly challenging year for all involved within education, Editor Paul Jackson has given his thoughts on the importance of Prep School Magazine as it hits such an historic milestone.

Extract taken from Prep School Magazine:-

“Timing is, seemingly, so important in almost everything we do in life. Sometimes we benefit from a decision made when we have very little choice. House buying springs to mind. Sometimes, we have to belligerently justify a decision we have made when we did have choices. Inspectors and lesson observers used to demand that the title of the lesson had to go on the board at the very start of the lesson. I always argued that a teacher should be able to choose the time to reveal all-and if it meant asking the pupils at the end of a lesson, educational journey or story, “What should we title this lesson?”, so be it. (Can you tell that I always enjoyed justifying my actions and railed against box ticking exercises!)

“Thus, I can happily and unashamedly rejoice in the 100th edition of Prep School Magazine.

“Congratulations and thank you to former editors, Anne Kiggell, the late David Tytler and Michele Kitto.  Congratulations and thank you to all those who have contributed to the magazine since the first edition was published in Spring, 1988.  Congratulations and thank you to all at John Catt Limited, the publishers, particularly Alex Sharratt and Meena Ameen plus the many companies who have advertised in the magazine over the years. Congratulations and thank you to all involved in SATIPS, whose support and belief in Prep School Magazine has never wavered.  

“If there was ever an appropriate “time” to congratulate all who work in our schools, it is now. Teachers perform at their very best when their confidence is high and they are anxiety free. Worries about whether they will still have a job, the health of their loved ones or the parlous state of the world in general, take their toll. All of these issues, and more, have been major concerns to so many who work in education.

“Many, many congratulations for coping so admirably with it all and making light of such pressures while delivering lessons of happiness and quality to your pupils. Well done. Thank you, also, to everyone who is showing empathetic leadership and kindness both within our Common Rooms and beyond. That was very much the theme of the 99th edition of Prep School Magazine –and if we can celebrate the results of this in our centenary edition, then we can feel justifiably happy.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and whilst we cannot party yet, we will.”

Prep School Magazine is published three times a year in January, May and September. Magazine subscriptions can be purchased via our online bookshop.