A Happy New Year to you. Let us all hope that the “jab” is at the end of the tunnel! Time will tell.

As we all try to make the most of our ever changing situations, I wanted to update you on all that your hard working support staff are doing to further the way forward at Satips.

In the near future your school will receive a copy of the Centenary Edition of Prep School Magazine. I do hope you will enjoy reading it, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Jackson for all he continues to do for Satips, both as Editor of PSM and as Director of Education. He has worked tirelessly to produce this special edition.

While talking about the magazine, I would also like to thank John Catt Ltd. who have printed the magazine for many years. Their support has been much appreciated. We now go our separate ways, and the 101st edition will be produced by our new printers. I am delighted to say the Editor remains the same, and that edition is close to being complete!

The subject Broadsheets, PSM and the Handwriting Competition will continue as normal. For obvious reasons SATIPSKI, the Satips Challenge, the Poetry Competition and the Art Exhibition are having to be put on hold for the time being, though it is possible that some of these will still be staged at some time during this academic year. It is hoped, however, to assemble a “Virtual Gallery” of pupils’ Artwork, so please keep a close eye on the Satips website on which details will follow.

The Satips webinars are proving very successful with some having already sold out. Huge thanks to Brenda Marshall and Stephen Coverdale for their efforts to mastermind the first set of webinars. Do keep an eye on what is on offer, and please do make any suggestions of topics that might be helpful as we continue to strive to offer the ‘S & T’ of Satips – Support and Training.

At this moment it is not our intention to stage any webinars during the Summer term, as it is usually such a busy term, but that will be kept under review.

Best wishes for the weeks ahead, stay safe, keep smiling, and do ask if we can help by offering further support and training. Finally, if you are reading this in your staffroom, do check that your school is a member of Satips – the more member schools we have the greater the support we are able to offer.

Richard Tovey MBE

President, Satips