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April 30, 2018 9:30 am 4:00 pm

Lessons for Life: Leading an outstanding academic curriculum to develop essential life skills for your pupil’s wider development

Schools’ main focus is on developing children’s core academic knowledge and skills in literacy, numeracy, and range of curriculum subjects. But there are other skills that are increasingly seen as important to children’s wider development: ‘essential life skills’ such as confidence, social skills, self-control, motivation, and resilience. These are the attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to underpin success in school and work, and include the ability to respond to setbacks, work well with others, build relationships, communicate effectively, manage emotions, and cope with difficult situations. Such skills are often referred to as ‘social and emotional skills’, ‘soft skills’, ‘non-cognitive skills’ or ‘character’. They are usually seen as distinct from academic knowledge and skills, however, they are increasingly thought to play an important part in learning, as well as contributing to children’s wider development, well-being and readiness for life beyond school.

The most recent report from the Sutton Trust highlights the recognition among teachers, employers and young people on how important life skills are to the success of young people and the level of demand for improvement. The current ISI inspection framework scores a school’s performance against 16 pupil outcomes divided into 8 for academic achievement and 8 for pupil’s personal development, but the crossover between the two is immense. It is therefore essential that Senior and Middle leaders in Prep schools plan and manage the curriculum in such a way that academic subject teaching develops pupils to prepare them for their next stage of education and beyond.
This conference will address how to lead the curriculum beyond ISI “excellent” in both the academic and personal development of our pupils.

Who should attend?
Prep school SLT: Heads, Deputy Heads, Directors of Studies
Prep school middle leaders: Heads of Department, Subject Coordinators, Heads of Key Stage and Heads of Year

Provisional outline

The day will comprise of a number of keynote speeches and a series of practical workshops. A range of topics will be covered including:

• Excelling beyond ISI “Excellent” in Academic and Pupils Personal Development
• Curriculum to Well-being – critical thinking which makes you feel good
• Learning or caring environment? Creating a classroom which addresses pastoral and curricula needs
• Monitoring and maintaining high levels of pupil progress in all lessons
• Pupil leaders in academic standards – working with purpose
• Social and emotional skills in the curriculum – a whole school ethos
• Leading teachers to teach independence and resilience in their classes

Potential speakers:
Tim Pitman – Westbourne House School www.pastoralpencilcase.com
John Medlicott – Director JMC www.jmcinset.com


London: Exact location of Course will be confirmed at a later date.