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November 15, 2018 9:30 am 4:00 pm


WELCOME – Sarah Kirby-Smith (SATIPS)

KEYNOTE: What does highly effective prep school pastoral care look like? – (Stephen de Silva)
Effective pastoral care is a feature that enhances all aspects of school life. All staff contribute to it, whether they have a formal role in its system or whether they are “only a teacher” – and a shared approach which recognises this is the starting point for this opening keynote. Stephen De Silva sets out a vision for both the structures and ethos that can achieve highly effective pastoral care.

Break and networking


2A. Engaging parents and families in the pastoral well-being of their children (Stephen de Silva)
The most effective strategies for dealing with pastoral concerns about a pupil will almost always be a joint home-school approach. How best can we interact with the parents and families of our pupils? This workshop explores ways of working with parents, improving our communications and developing our partnerships with them.

2B: Supporting the pastoral and learning needs of exceptionally able children (Stephen Burnage)
Exceptionally able children present a wide range of rewards and challenges. Too often, prep schools assume that the exceptionally bright child can manage their own learning, progress and social and emotional development. Yet, often, it is these brightest children that need carefully planned pastoral support. This workshop will allow participants to explore the pastoral needs of exceptionally able learners and leave with a toolkit of highly effective strategies to support their learning and pastoral well-being.

2C. Mindfulness and meditation in the prep school pastoral curriculum (Caroline Yolland)
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to mindfulness. Exploring how the concept of mindfulness practice can help children and young people become more aware of being in the present moment. Supporting children and young people when they feel angry, scared, anxious, sad or worried so that difficult thoughts and feelings do not have to take over their day or shape their behaviour. The workshop will enable participants to explore ways of introducing mindfulness into their schools.


3A. Effective interventions to support children with mental health issues (Stephen Burnage)
In this workshop, participants will develop knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching and supporting pupils with Social and Emotional Difficulties and mental health problems. It highlights distinctive teaching and pastoral support strategies and promotes the importance of analysing, planning, and feedback between prep school staff. This workshop will enable participants to explore ways in which barriers to learning can be reduced through the promotion of consistent methods of pastoral support

3B. Preparing for 2019 – statutory Relationships Education (Stephen de Silva)
The 2017 Children and Social Work Act sets out the intention to make Relationships Education an essential part of the curriculum for primary-aged children. This workshop sets out an over-view for Relationships Education in both the taught curriculum and in the fostering of learning about good life-skills throughout the school.

3C. An introduction to counselling for prep school pastoral staff (Caroline Yolland)
In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the role of a school counsellor. We will cover how counselling can support safeguarding and pastoral teams. What the benefits of a school counselling service are for pupils, staff and parents. The workshop will enable participants to hear first-hand all about the training journey a school counsellor has undertaken to work effectively with children and young people.

Break and networking

4. KEYNOTE: Developing a prep school strategy to support well-being and self-esteem (Stephen Burnage)
Social and emotional wellbeing creates the foundations for healthy behaviours and educational attainment for all in and prep school – children and staff. This keynote presentation presents a range of targeted and universal activities to promote and support the social and emotional wellbeing of all members of the school community; and ensure that prep schools develop a school wide strategy of well-being and positive self-esteem.


London: Exact location of Course will be confirmed at a later date.

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