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November 27 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Building an Excellent Portfolio: How to become an Art Scholar

If you have a pupil who shows artistic promise, it’s worth them considering a scholarship in the subject. Ivan Stroud, Head of Art Faculty at Northbridge House Canonbury and previously Head of Sculpture at Harrow School and University College School, will explain what schools will be looking for when they interview prospective scholars.

Achieving the status of ‘the art scholar’ is a competitive business among senior school children. ‘Who’s going for an art scholarship?’ is a subject of animated discussion as portfolios and sketchbooks are prepared for submission in January. Opinions about art have been subjective since the 19th century, but fortunately for art teachers in the sensitive position of judging who should achieve art-scholar status, there are certain criteria to assist in spotting potential in candidates.

This highly interactive course will allow teachers to achieve the following outcomes:

Preparing an art scholar’s portfolio
Develop your design and layout to ensure your scholars:

make rapid progress
deepen learning
know how to improve
are engaged
get into the school of their choice
Work smarter, not harder:

plans to improve quality and excellence
Improve your pupil’s ability to draw
Create an enthusiasm for learning about established artists
Explore thoughtful manipulation of different materials in both two and three dimensions
Demonstrate progress
Course Structure:

1 Plan the process of building a portfolio
2 Create a meaningful series of studies to produce a portfolio of quality and excellence
3 Develop a consistent approach to presenting work
4 Implement peer and self-assessment techniques
5 Provide feedback with clear direction on how to improve
6 Personalise learning through differentiated and qualitative feedback

A practical toolkit to enhance your pupils’ artwork