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December 3, 2018 9:30 am 4:00 pm

The most effective teachers and leaders are reflective: They regularly ask the question ‘is what I am doing making a difference to my learners?’ This can often be a challenging question to answer. In this workshop, we will examine how we can use our reflection on the impact to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our faculties and schools. We will explore how to monitor and support both individual classroom practice and whole-school or faculty improvement.

Who are the workshops for?

• Senior leaders and class teachers in schools who are interested in developing the quality of teaching and learning.


During this workshop we will explore the following topics:
• How can individual teachers reflect on the impact of their teaching and learning?
• How can managers support them in doing this in an effective way?
• How can measuring the progress of our learners effectively help us to develop and nurture high quality teaching and learning?
• How can we evaluate the impact of teaching and learning approaches at a faculty or whole-school level?
• How far (and in what ways) can numerical data help us to do this?
• What are the benefits and challenges of seeking to evaluate impact?
• How do we apply what we’ve learnt to develop classroom practice in our faculties and schools?