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February 5 9:30 am 4:00 pm

ISI “Excellent” in Teaching: Creating meaningful and personalised marking and dialogue and evidencing this for inspection.
ISI now expect pupils to “engage” with the marking, what exactly does that mean? This course will outline the ways in which any teacher in any department can satisfy the ISI Criteria, but more importantly than that it will help teachers save time whilst making their marking more effective. This course would be particularly useful to middle and senior leaders looking to add more “value” to marking and feedback within their department or school.

New feedback demands and opportunities

* What ISI are looking for: evidence of Progress Over Time

* Utilising Prof. John Hattie’s research

* Workbook scrutiny: ISI myth-busters

* What works in feedback: the cutting edge

Your guide to fast, high-impact feedback

* Discover how fast feedback can inform lesson planning

* Give critique that pupils understand and value

* Put ownership of learning into your students’ hands

* Encourage pupil feedback

* Foster two-way conversations about progress

* “Feed forward” to ensure critique leads to improvement

* Enhance mixed-ability teaching with group feedback


London: Exact location of Course will be confirmed at a later date.

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