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May 8, 2019 9:30 am 4:30 pm

Challenging More Able Pupils in Maths

I feel particularly inspired. Unlike many courses, this felt achievable.
Alison Tanner, Year 5/6 Teacher Cameley Primary School

Maths is an exciting subject. The National Curriculum provides a framework to enable children to explore a range of concepts and improve fluency, ability to reason and solve mathematical problems. However, many children need to have the opportunity to become more secure and develop a ‘greater depth’ at every stage of their learning – and it’s not always clear how to do this on a daily basis.

How can the more-able mathematicians follow lines of enquiry and apply their understanding to more complex maths problems and concepts?

What are the barriers for the more-able mathematician and for the teachers?

How can lessons be designed to support all pupils and provide opportunities for more-able to excel?

How can a whole-school approach support more-able mathematicians?

This course provides teaching and learning ideas and resources to be able to develop the more-able mathematicians but also allows opportunities for middle-ability pupils to explore concepts too.

Teaching & Learning for More-Able pupils
• Identify the characteristics of more-able pupils
• Develop teaching and learning strategies in Maths
• What a daily lesson can look like for the more-able mathematician

Maths Teaching & Learning Strategies for More-Able Pupils
• Developing questioning and enquiry
• Encouraging Independence
• Planning for effective learning

Practical Activities for more-able mathematicians
• Using resources effectively
• Developing a line of enquiry

Maths Mastery
• Digging Deeper
• Whole-School Strategies to support more-able mathematicians


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