1 November 2021

Sign your school up for the WWF’s Global Challenge on Sustainability

Are you keen to promote sustainability within your school? The WWF is offering a unique online learning resource to encourage students to engage with the subject and learn more about climate change.

The Wild Wisdom Global Challenge is based on breathtaking content from Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’ series and his film ‘A Life On Our Planet’. The unique online resource provides a fun, engaging and different introduction to climate change for students aged 10 to 15 – presented in a way they can understand.

The resource not only explains climate change but also sets out four specific positive actions that Sir
David believes can help preserve the planet (and humanity):

  • Go net zero
  • Use less space
  • Eliminate waste
  • Revive the oceans

The challenge offers world class resources and great prizes, as well as world class content from the WWF, Sir David Attenborough, NetZix and Harper Collins.

It also provides everything you need to lead a one-hour lesson during which you can discuss what students have learned on their independent learning journey, including play and play teaching materials.

The challenge starts on November 8th and ends on November 18th  with a Live International Final Quiz competition between winning schools on December 2nd. Sign your school up here.