3 May 2021

How homeschooling changed parents’ opinions of teachers

The last year brought all sorts of negatives – especially for children and parents. But one positive to come out of the COVID pandemic could be a renewed respect for teachers.

According to a survey by primary school learning platform Learning Ladders, two thirds of parents said their opinions of teachers have improved as a consequence of homeschooling. The survey asked more than 500 parents about their experiences of home learning, and resulted in 66% saying they now have more respect for teachers.

The survey, created in collaboration with Twinkl Parents, found that 73% of parents now feel more involved in their child’s education after helping them learn at home, while 84% also said that they now have a better understanding of what their child is learning.

Home learning posed plenty of  challenges, according to the survey, with 65% of parents saying they found home learning more difficult than they expected, although 16% said it was less difficult than they anticipated.

Matt Koster-Marcon, former teacher and founder of Learning Ladders, said: “Although home learning has been difficult for many parents who have had to juggle this and working full-time, our survey demonstrates it has been beneficial for families in many ways too.

“Teachers have had to work so hard over the past year to minimise disruption to their pupils, so it’s great to see that parents appreciate teachers even more after helping out at home.”