29 March 2021

Foundation for Education Development launches 100,000 Voices Questionnaire

The Foundation for Education Development (FED) has released its ‘100,000 Voices Questionnaire’ as it works towards the publication of the National Consultation Report on the 26th April .

The questionnaire aims to capture at least 100,000 voices across the education system, including: children, young people, parents, carers, teachers, lecturers, support staff, education leaders, business leaders, community members and politicians . 

It only takes 60 seconds to complete but helps the federation in shaping its work, hence SATIPS sharing here.  You can complete the questionnaire here.

The FED was set up in December 2019 and has spent the past 15 months consulting on the idea of a long-term vision and plan for education in England. In the spirit of partnership, it aims to provide an independent neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to work together to help shape the future.

The National Consultation Report will also outline how you can support further and help shape the second year of the Federation’s work in detail. It is establishing FED Advisory Council’s to help lead on this week and they include the following:-

  • FED National Learners Council (Young People and Students)
  • The FED National Education Practitioners Council (Teachers and Support Staff)
  • The FED National Education Leadership Council (including governance leaders)
  • The FED National Business Leaders Council
  • The FED National Parents & Carers Council
  • The FED National Ambassadors Council
  • The FED National Research Advisory Council

The second year of the FED will focus on the education system’s ‘foundations’ and in particular how they support a long-term vision and plan for education.

Contact the Federation if you would like to be involved.